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Sample Questions - 6 What are the three types of plays in...

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Sample Questions (about the literature): 1. How is medieval poetry different from Anglo-Saxon poetry? a. Caesura, in medieval poetry, comes at end of every 2 lines creating the rhyme scheme of XAXB (X’s being unrhymed lines) 2. What are the three most common medieval themes? a. Contemptu mundi b. Memento mori c. Adoration of the Virgin Mary 3. Where do these concepts come from? the Bible 4. How are the ideas useful for controlling people in a feudal society? suppresses common people’s dreams 5. What are the five parts of the Chivalric Code? a. loyalty, bravery, honesty, courtesy, and gentleness
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What are the three types of plays in medieval literature? a. mystery plays – (see above) b. morality plays – performed to teach some moral or spiritual lesson; all characters were personifications of the virtues and vices c. passion plays – depicted the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ 7. Why is Arthur’s story so appealing/popular? a. gives people the idea that heroes can rise from the peasantry; anyone has the chance of being a noble unknowingly...
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