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Samuel Pepys Son of a tailor; Cambridge University - bachelor’s & master’s; won seat in Parliament convincing people to elect him Samuel Pepys’ Diary Covers 1660s, right after Restoration; published 1825, after its language was deciphered; contains many accounts of important historical / cultural events like the Great London Fire of 1666 and last outbreaks of plague Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) His political writings brought him popular attention; also wrote
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Unformatted text preview: literary criticism; fervent abolitionist; once toasted, “Here’s to the next insurrection of Negroes in the West Indies” Dictionary of the English Language Published after 9 years of work in 1755, this was the first authoritative, definitive dictionary of English, containing over 40,000 words and 114,000 quotations “Brief to Free a Slave” (1777) describes his convictions against slavery...
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