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Sir Thomas Malory - good wife means docile bad wife means...

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Sir Thomas Malory Wrote many of King Arthur’s stories “Le Morte D’Arthur” Actually tells the life of Arthur instead of just his death; father Uther shows aspects of courtly love: passionate/committed love, infidelity; Arthur pulls the sword from the stone proving that he is the rightful heir; Arthur shows all aspects of chivalric code even while young (no nobleman’s education): proves superiority of nobility Margery Kempe Married to John Kempe; very little education; 14 children 40; claimed to have visions of Christ; part of emerging middle class “The Book of Margery Kempe” (212) early autobiography; calls herself “this creature;” admits some of her faults (pride: extravagant clothing); goes against expectations for women: strong, independent, not dejected when her ventures fail; puts women in lose-lose:
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Unformatted text preview: good wife means docile, bad wife means outspoken Anonymous--“Everyman” Morality play that is supposed to be an allegory for the life of every person, destined to account for his or her life before God Geoffrey Chaucer Most important writer of Middle English; member of growing middle class; gained favor w/ aristocracy; put in civil positions & sent on diplomatic journey to Italy (inspiration for writings) “The Canterbury Tales” (218) Frame tale; describes a diverse group of characters all on their way to visit the shrine of St. Thomas a Becket in Canterbury; pass the time by telling stories; whoever tells the best story gets free dinner from other travelers; stories each person tells reveals much about the person’s character...
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