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The Pearl Poet Very little is known about him; name comes from 1 st poem: Pearl; contemporary of Chaucer “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” (187) Part of Arthurian Romances; Gawain, youngest and most poorly trained knight of Round Table, shows all aspects of chivalric code when challenged by Green Knight; presents common theme of Arthurian Romance in which hero rises from peasantry because of some unknown ancestry (Gawain never knew his father was a knight/lord) Sir Thomas
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Unformatted text preview: Malory Wrote many of King Arthur’s stories “Le Morte D’Arthur” Translated: “the death of Arthur;” actually tells the life of Arthur instead of just his death; father Uther shows aspects of courtly love: passionate/committed love, infidelity; Arthur pulls the sword from the stone proving that he is the rightful heir; Arthur shows all aspects of chivalric code even while young (no nobleman’s education): proves superiority of nobility...
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