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Three Types of Romantic Novels

Three Types of Romantic Novels - and punished for...

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Three Types of Romantic Novels School Description Samples Gothic novels long stories containing elements of suspense, mystery, magic, macabre; usually set in spooky locations like haunted houses / dark forests usu. twist the Romantic love of nature by making even the ugliest aspects of nature seem good, and by making science look evil Frankenstein Mary Shelley Novel of manners one in which “the social mores of a specific group are defined and described in detail and with great accuracy, and these mores become powerful controls over characters.” Shows how people of different genders and classes are supposed to interact with each other. 2 types– one shows how characters are rewarded for following social mores
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Unformatted text preview: and punished for disobeying • More often, the novel of manners is supposed to show how society forces people to behave, especially when their lives are destroyed by doing the very things that society deems good and proper behavior Pride and Prejudice , Jane Eyre Historical novels • novels that depict a time before the life of the author • Every Romantic novel seem historical to us, but they are only called so if they depict a time before Romanticism • Often depict important historical events, or dramatize the changes in society Ivanhoe , The Scarlet Letter...
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