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William Blake received formal education in art at Royal Academy of Arts earned living giving drawing lessons, illustrating books, engraving illustrated his poetry w/ a technique called illuminated printing In his 60s, left his poetry behind, attracted a small group of painters, and concentrated on visual work. died at seventy. Poetical Sketches his first book of poems; was printed when he was 26 Songs of Innocence and of Experience printed through illuminated printing “The Lamb” and “The Tyger” * Both in Blake’s
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Unformatted text preview: Songs of Innocence and of Experience . * The 2 are almost mirror images in structure. * One uses a symbol for innocence; the other a symbol for experience. * Blake considered these poems representative of “two contrary states of the human soul.” * The lamb is associated with Jesus, sinlessness; repetition and simple language sound like a children’s poem “London” shows both innocence & experience in action; experience give us “mind-forg’d manacles”; experience corrupts innocence...
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