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William Wordsworth - Above Tintern Abbey written about his...

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William Wordsworth * Parents both died before he was 13 * Sister, Dorothy, suffered from senile dementia * Attended Cambridge; never finished * work embodied Romantics’ love of nature * strong supporter of democratic ideals of French Revolution. * affair with Annette Vallon, young French woman who bore him a child. * For reasons not entirely clear, returned to England w/o Annette & child. * When revolution in France turned into Reign of Terror, he was disillusioned. The World Is Too Much with Us sonnet; bemoans humanity’s separation from nature Lines Composed a Few Miles
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Unformatted text preview: Above Tintern Abbey written about his sister; wanted to visit his sister, but couldn’t get himself to do it; five years have passed John Keats eldest of five children; at 15, parents died; later qualified to study medicine; did not want to be like other poets, and avoided friendship with Shelley because he feared her powerful influence; in 1818, Keats became sick with tuberculosis; the next year, published many creative works, despite his illness; died 1821 “When I Have Fears” speaker is afraid of death “Ode on a Grecian Urn”...
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