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Computational Assignment 2_2011

Computational Assignment 2_2011 - Computational Assignment...

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Computational Assignment # 2 MME 412: Advanced Mechanics of Materials Spring-2011 - 1 - DUE DATE: 03/03/2011 (50 Points) A hollow steel shaft is subjected to combined torque and internal pressure of unknown magnitudes. In order to assess the strength of the shaft under service conditions a strain gauge rosette as shown in the figure below are mounted on the outside surface of the shaft such that the center gauge is being aligned with the shaft axis. The material properties of the shaft are: 207 GPa E and 1/ 3 Develop a MATLAB code which can input the measured strain: a , b and c for a given configuration ab and bc with respect to x - y as shown in the figure below and estimate the state of strain. This code should also perform stress-strain calculations and computation of principle stresses,
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