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15 Ways to Improve Your Online Resume! 1. Market Yourself – Start with a summary of qualifications section that includes your most marketable skills and experiences into four to six sentences. 2. Demonstrate Results – Employers like proof that you can do the job. Indicate the action you performed and conclude with the result you achieved, make sure to note how your employer or team benefited. Use numbers and percentages to show how money or time was saved. 3. Be Brief and Concise – Do you best to fit your resume to one page, short and to the point is best. Go through and edit your resume deleting portions that are not relevant or least helpful to the position you are applying for. Be sure to emphasize your most resent experience / projects. 4. Be Targeted – Customize every resume to the job title being applied for. 5. Visually Appealing The formatting of an online resume must be readable, sharp and professional. Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors. The resume you send out must be flawless, this is your first impression.
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