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HUM111- Week 1 Assignment

HUM111- Week 1 Assignment - Ivy Allshouse HUM 111...

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Ivy Allshouse HUM 111 Coal-burning power plants One issue that Green Peace is trying to change is coal burning power plants. These plants emit harmful ash into the air that is poisoning air and water, making people sick, and causing global warming and climate change. I think this is an issue on the fact that it does make people sick and there are higher rates of cancers in areas where coal burning power plants are. There are different ways these plants can be powered. The poisons that the coal emits into the air and the water makes it difficult for families to use the water and is making children in these areas sick. Coal burning power plants are also to blame for an increased risk of premature death due to cancers. More people die each year from lung cancer from coal burning power plants then from drunken driving accidents. Out of the average 24,000 Americans that die each year from coal pollution 2,800 of them are from lung cancer alone. There are thousands of pounds of toxins such as mercury that are dumped into the air and water supply every year. The toxins are also
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