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Ivy Allshouse PSY201 Testing a Theory While working at a center for developmentally disabled adults we had a client that was always hard to feed. After several months of observing how he was with everyone else during lunch time I got to work with him. When it came to lunch time I was very intimidated. After reading over his lunch program and realizing that everyone else had been doing the program wrong. Instead of letting him feed himself they were just feeding him. I had a theory that he could feed himself and preferred to feed himself. I offered him the spoon and of course after being feed by others for months, and possibly years, before I had started I keep consistent and always offered him his spoon. After about 2 times of working with him, he would take the spoon, scoop his food, and bring it to his mouth. After he took every bite he would throw the spoon if you did not assist him in bringing his hand back to his plate. An hour and a half lunch turned into
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Unformatted text preview: a twenty minute lunch and he was much happier during lunch time. My research, much like the research of psychologists was first natural observance, seeing how he behaved on an everyday basis. Then it was a case study, where I read his program and what he was supposed to be doing. In doing this I helped him gain his independence back and he enjoyed lunch time. Unfortunately, after getting comfortable feeding the client for so long very few people wanted to take the time to let him feed himself. When in reality it took less time for him to feed himself, all it took was for the staff to pay more attention and be more hands on with him. If given the chance to change anything I would not change anything, because the individual results were exactly what I was aiming for. As for the staff I was disappointed they did not want to try, but nobody was making them when they claimed he wouldn’t do it for them....
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