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SPANKING AS A FORM OF DISIPLINE 1 Spanking as a Form of Discipline Ivy Allshouse COM156 September 17, 2011 Melanie Beck
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Spanking as a Form of Discipline Ninety percent of families worldwide use physical pain as a punishment when disciplining their children. What was once thought to be a harmless means of discipline is starting to prove to have long-lasting effects on children. Spanking should be considered child abuse because it may cause behavioral, emotional, legal, and social problems as spanked children grow older (Kim, 2008). "As long as the child will be trained not by love, but by fear, so long will humanity live not by justice, but by force. As long as the child will be ruled by the educator’s threat and by the father’s rod, so long will mankind be dominated by the policeman’s club, by fear of jail, and by panic of invasion by armies and navies” (Robinson, Poussaint, & Sidis, 2009, 12). While spanking a child usually solves the issue for the short term it may have long term effects. A child who is spanked is more likely to carry violence into relationships with siblings and peers. As an adult, a child who was once spanked may carry physical punishment to spouses and offspring. Children learn that it is normal to hit out of anger. Further, spanking may teach children it is okay for a bigger person to hit a smaller person, and a stronger person to hit a weaker person (Sears & Sears, n.d.). Expert Jordan Riak, executive director of Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education, states that girls are more likely to internalize things, while boys are much more likely to act out. "When a girl is spanked by her father or paddled by a male school teacher, she is being trained to submit," says Jordan Riak, “It is setting those girls up to be victims of future male authority figures, whether it be a boyfriend, husband or employer” (Riak, 2001, 4 & 5) Irwin Hyman, professor of school psychology at Temple University in Philadelphia and author of several books on the effect of spanking on children, says spanking by parents also has negative emotional consequences for girls. "The intention of
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Final Essay RiverPointWriter - SPANKING AS A FORM OF...

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