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COM156- Week 1 Assignment

COM156- Week 1 Assignment - There are many challenges when...

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There are many challenges when writing a paper; a common challenge is time management skills. As more and more students have jobs and families time management can become a problem. Making the time in a busy schedule is critical to have a successful paper. Students should remember to make time for research, outlines, rough draft, proof reading, revising, and making sure there final paper is there best. Along with time management, procrastination has the same issues. A common issue that students face when writing a paper are distractions. From multi-tasking on several websites at once to making dinner, caring for children, and doing homework at the same time distractions are everywhere. Sometimes they are unavoidable. Distractions make it hard to focus on the work being done. It is hard for students to put their best into writing when they are distracted by other people or things. Spelling and grammatical errors also can be a challenge when writing a paper. Sometimes students do not understand how to punctuate correctly, what form of the word needs to be used, or how to spell a
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