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Ivy Allshouse COM 156 Selecting a Topic Week 2 Assignment I plan on writing my paper on if spanking is an effective form of punishment. I do not believe that spanking is an effective form of punishment. I believe that every time you spank a child you are doing it out of anger. Hitting anyone is abuse, much less out of anger. I feel very strong about this subject, because my mother used spanking for everything. I do not feel that spanking a child corrects a problem or is discipline. Spanking a child causes years, and possibly a life time of self-esteem issues and can lead to violence in the individual. In my paper I plan to prove a few points. I plan to prove the long term effects that spanking a child has. I plan to prove that these effects do not just last for a few days or months, but last well into adulthood and even have lifelong effects on most children. Another point I plan to prove is, spanking does not teach a child that they did something wrong, it teaches them that
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Unformatted text preview: they should be fearful of adults. There is no reason why and when you are spanking them they do not hear what you are telling them. Spanking also has a link to low self-esteem, and can result in abusing your spouse, children, or accepting being abused by a spouse. There are papers that say that as long as you don’t spank out of anger it is okay. Isn’t all spanking out of anger? If you were not angry with your child would you be spanking them? The last point I intend to prove is that spanking a child is abuse. I think there are better ways to teach your children wrong from right. Ways that have little to no long term effects. Every form of discipline can be over used, but I think there is no line between spanking and abuse. There should never be a reason to hit a child. I hope that when I am done with my paper I can persuade other to not spank their children and use other, safer forms of discipline such as time out or loss of personal property....
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