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Ivy Allshouse COM156 The author was very persuasive in the essay. He or she did a good job at putting the topic into view of how Universal Health Care may have issues, but is better than the current system. The author focused mainly on the advantages of Universal Health Care, but also wrote about the disadvantages as well. I thought the author did a wonderful job at informing the reader of both sides of the issue. The author stated the facts and was great at not seeming to bias. He or she stated where we are in our current system and how Universal Health Care is in other countries. Informing the reader about how Universal Health Care is working in other countries shows that the author put many hours of research into this essay. He or she informed the reader that Universal Health Care is expensive and people do wait in long lines for check-ups, but also proved a point in saying our health care is so expensive that only the rich can afford it and we also wait in long lines. This was a very effective essay with many great points. I am one that is
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