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Ivy Allshouse COM 156 When looking back at my outline and assignments from weeks 4 and 7, I see that there may be some things that may need defining. Corporal punishment is one that may need a definition. A lot of people may think that corporal punishment is something that only happened in prison, because there lack of understanding the word. Corporal punishment is also associated as illegal; because it is something that has been made illegal and is more often referred to as domestic violence. What people do not realize is corporal punishment is simply the act of using physical pain to punishment someone. I think that parents and guardians would think twice about spanking and hitting children if it was referred to as corporal punishment more often. Another term that may need to be defined is boundaries. I should probably define why it is important for parents to set boundaries and stick with them. Also why it is important for parents to be consistent and what consistency actually means. I have also used some definitions in my essay. I
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