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Axia College Material Appendix C University Resources: Week Eight Study Plan How will I approach the content of Week Eight? I will look over the text book and the discussion questions. I will look at my calendar and see when I need to do my discussion questions, assignments, and posts. Examples What will I do before the week begins? How will I organize my week? How much time will I set aside for this week's content? How will I study the content of Week Eight? I will read through my book and outline the chapters. If there is something I can relate to I am more likely to remember that information so I will look for connections and highlight important
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Unformatted text preview: information. I will keep my environment quiet so I can study effectively. Examples How does my learning style fit in here? What will help me concentrate better? What will my study environment look like? How will I remember the content of Week Eight? I will remember week 8 by writing a map of everything I learn. I can look to my learning style to create ways to remember by music or using mnemonics. Examples How can I use mnemonics to remember? How does my learning style fit in here? Can I use review sheets, mind maps, or other items to help me remember? US/101...
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