Chomat_Exp13 - Experiment 13 Chemical Kinetics Name Michael...

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Experiment 13 – Chemical Kinetics Name Michael Chomat Lab Day and Time Monday 1:00 PM TA Na Zhang Section 403 Documentation Lab Manual for Experiment 13 GRADING RUBRIC Possible Points Points Received Introduction 10 Purpose of report Goals of the experiment Materials and Methods 10 Reference lab manual Only describe deviations Results and Discussion 140 Inserted titles for tables Inserted graphs into template Inserted captions for each graph Showed complete sample calculations Summarized all data in tables Answered questions completely Error analysis Laboratory Technique 40 TOTAL (200) TA Comments/Suggestions:
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C HEMISTRY 102L R EPORT T EMPLATE EXPT. Chemical Kinetics: Reaction of Crystal Violet with Sodium Hydroxide 13 13 Introduction The purpose of this report is to gain understanding of chemical kinetics by studying the effects of concentration on reaction rate. The objective of the experiment was to experimentally determine the rate law and rate constant for a sodium hydroxide and crystal violet reaction. . Materials and Methods The procedure for this experiment was taken from the lab manual for experiment 13. There were no apparent deviations from the given procedure. Results and Discussion Colorimetry can be used to describe the rates of chemical reactions by analyzing the change of color of the solution which in turn is a determinate of the progression of a reaction. If different concentrations of reactants are used one could then determine by the time elapsed the rate of reaction by comparing the results of each concentration. In this experiment, when the crystal violet solution reacts with NaOH the solution becomes more clear showing the progress of the reaction. By using multiple concentrations of crystal violet one could determine the order and rate of reaction. However, a colorimeter measure absorbance and we are measuring concentration. Therefore, Beer’s law must be used to calculate concentration from the absorbance according to its linear relationship as discovered by Beer. Figure 1.
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Chomat_Exp13 - Experiment 13 Chemical Kinetics Name Michael...

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