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Duong_Experiment3 - Richard Duong Chem 262L Joseph Sokol 4...

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Richard Duong Chem 262L Joseph Sokol 4 March 2010 Experiment III: Nucleophilic Substitution-The Synthesis of 2’-Methylphenoxyacetic Acid Purpose : To perform an SN reaction in order to produce a solid product that can be purified by crystallization. CH 3 OH CH 3 ONa NaOH, EtOH H 2 O CH 3 ONa CH 3 O-CH 2 COONa Cl CH 2 COONa CH 3 O CH 3 O H 3 O CH 2 COONa CH 2 COOH Procedure : 1 mL of water was added to a 5 mL round bottom flask containing a magnetic stir bar and placed on a stir plate, which then began stirring the water. After, a 0.101 g sodium hydroxide
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pellet was added to the same flask very quickly after weighing. During the time the water was dissolving the NaOH, the amount of o-cresol and sodium chloroacetate needed was determined using molar ratios. 0.73 mL of o-cresol, and 0.29 g of sodium chloroacetate dissolved in 1.0 mL of water, was added to the 5 mL round bottom flask after all of the NaOH was dissolved. The solution was allowed to stir at reflux for 5 minutes and then poured into a 10 mL Erlenmeyer flask to be boiled until only 1/3 of its original volume remained. After the solution was boiled off enough, 1.0 mL of sulfuric acid was added and the whole solution was left to cool
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