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lab 6 - sp 3 while the hybridization for that same carbon...

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SUNEET BHANSALI Section 412 Lab 6 – The Oxidation of Isoborneol The purpose of this lab is to oxidize isoborneol to camphor using chromic acid, and then purify camphor by sublimation. To a 10-mL Erlenmeyer flask, .355g of isoborneol, a stir bar, and 1-mL of corrosive acetic acid were added. The solution was stirred and heated on a hotplate to about 50°C. While being stirred, 2-mL of chromic acid was added drop-wise, using a pipet. The temperature was kept below 60°C by alternate periods of heating on a hotplate and cooling in an ice bath. After 15 minutes, the reaction was poured into a 50-mL Erlenmeyer flask containing about 30-mL of ice water. After 10 minutes, the solution was filtered using suction filtration. However, no product was recovered and the experiment was stopped. Questions: 1. The hybridization state of the carbon atom bonded to the hydroxyl group in isoborneol is
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Unformatted text preview: sp 3 while the hybridization for that same carbon in camphor is sp 2 . The hybridization state for the oxygen in the hydroxyl group of isoborneol is sp 3 while the hybridization for that oxygen in camphor is sp 2 . 2. NMR can be used to prove that isoborneol has been successfully oxidized to camphor because the NMR of isoborneol only has a singlet peak very far downfield representing the hydrogen of the hydroxyl while in the NMR of camphor this peak is not present because there is no –OH group. 3. If a student forgot to use a “cold finger” when assembling the sublimation apparatus the gas product would not be collected after the solid product was sublimated. The cold finger is used to condense the gaseous product....
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