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Suneet Bhansali Section 412 7 May 2009 Lab 9: Column Chromatography: Separation of Nitroacetanilide Introduction and Procedure: The purpose of this lab was to use column chromatography to purify the product from Experiment 8, obtained from the nitration of 4-methylacetanilide. A chromatography column with a luer tip and stopcock was half filled with a 2:1 solution of hexanes: ethyl acetate and 4.0g of alumina was added. The column was packed tightly using a stirring rod with a rubber top to tap it lightly. Sand was added to the top. Using 0.40mL of dichloromethane, the 0.101g of product from experiment 8 was dissolved. Using a disposable pipette, the solution was applied to the top of the sand layer and the stop cock was opened to let the solution run through the sand and solvent and into a beaker. Once the liquid portion was no longer above the sand layer, the stop cock was closed. One pipette full of solvent was added to the column and it was allowed to run through by opening the stopcock. Then the column was filled to the top with the 2:1 hexanes: ethyl acetate
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