Lilly, John - Chapter 3 Homework Feedback 03-24-2008 7-03-07

Lilly, John - Chapter 3 Homework Feedback 03-24-2008...

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Lilly, John Personal grade feedback (Instructor: Travis Day) Group: 4 . Graded? y Explanation of the Grade Feedback File can be found at the following website: Points: 69 Grade: 98.57 . missed Ch3 Homework 70 -1 . File/Workbook/Design 10 -0 . Formatting 5 -0 -0 1 Irrational Exuberance 20 -0 Jessica Benjamin Automobiles
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Unformatted text preview: 35-1-1 1 … . . . Chapter 3 Homework Feedback Student Name: Pts per item Pts per section ###### all the way across a cell means the column is too skinny to show the number within the cell. Insert a comment in one of the cells on the Corporate sheet, indicating that data is being pulled from the different city sheets....
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