Lilly, John - Chapter 7 Homework Feedback 04-22-2008 10-56-38

Lilly, John - Chapter 7 Homework Feedback 04-22-2008 10-56-38

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Lilly, John Personal grade feedback (Instructor: Travis Day) Group: 4 . Graded? y Explanation of the Grade Feedback File can be found at the following website: Points: 83 Grade: 92.22 . missed Ch7 Homework 90 -7 File/Workbook/Design 10 -0 FORMATTING 5 -0 Importing and Analyzing Data for Johnson Equipment 25 -0 Analyzing Manager Performance at Home Station 50 -7 -3 1 -3 1 -1 1 -0 . Chapter 7 Homework Feedback Student Name: Pts per item Pts per section Insert several rows above your data in order to create assumptions/stats for your data. (Your column headings for your data should start in A7.) Cell F3 should contain Today's Date. (It should always display the the current date for whatever date the file is opened.) In cell F4 should be the Date used for "Time Since Sale" (the reason for which will be described below). Have F4 contain a cell reference that simply refers to the cell above (=F3) so this cell will also show the current
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Unformatted text preview: date. However, a different date could be entered in this cell if you wanted to calculate the "Time Since Sale" using a different date. (see below) In column E (starting in cell E8) create a formula to calculate the Time Since Sale in months. This calculation should use the Sale Date and the Date used for "Time Since Sale" from F4. (Show the number of months to 1 decimal place, and also have the cells show the phrase " mos" after the value for the # of months.) Hint: To summarize the dates by quarter, you'd add the Date field as a Pivot Table row label, then right-click it and choose Group and Show Detail. .., then Group. ... (Excel 2007 may automatically group the dates for you. ..but to change the grouping in Excel 2007, right-click on the Date label in the pivot table table and select Group. ..)...
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