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Major Initiatives

Major Initiatives - his services Rick has looked at the...

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Major Initiatives: The Adams Investment group has undergone some major new initiatives recently. The economic downturn and crash in the stock market has had a large impact on the investment group. The Adams Investment Group earns revenue through the money under management. This means that for every dollar the group is managing, they get one percent per year. With the stock market down over 40% on the year, this means the revenue for the Adams Investment Group will be 60% of what it was last year; a 40 percent drop in revenue is very large. To combat this drop in revenue the Adams Investment Group has started to prospect new clients. Rick has contacted the CFO’s of local hospitals and small, private colleges and offered
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Unformatted text preview: his services. Rick has looked at the companies balance sheets and seen how much free capital they have and then he decides if it is a mutually beneficial endeavor for him to manage their excess capital. Another route Rick has taken is prospecting high net worth individuals. Many of these individuals are professionals; they are doctors, lawyers, or local executives. This prospecting has led to an increase in assets under management and this leads to more revenue. Exhibits: Exhibit 1: Variability and Utilization http://www.agileadvice.com/archives/theory/index.html Ricks Exhibit 2: Graph of Service Request Variability...
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Major Initiatives - his services Rick has looked at the...

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