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my part of paper - Capacity Management The Adams Investment...

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Capacity Management: The Adams Investment Group has a very different capacity management strategy than the other companies the class looked at. The service nature of the industry does not allow for a manufacturing capacity management approach; instead different aspects and components of the financial planning service need to be analyzed. The bottlenecks in a service industry are very important in understanding the total possible capacity for that company. Bottlenecks: The first and most important aspect of capacity management that we analyzed were the internal bottlenecks the company faced. We looked at the past bottleneck, Michelle, and also the current bottleneck, Rick. Michelle is the administrator and she handles a lot of the paperwork and everything that does not involve directly interacting with clients. The amount of the non client work is much higher than the amount of client-interaction. The Adams Investment Group hired interns to help take care of this. Michelle still is in charge of all the administrative work but she distributes much of the lower skill work to interns. The addition of interns helped to provide
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