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1 The Politics of Global Environmental Issues Geography 1000 Lecture 2 ---January 9 Spring 2008 - Veeck Some Terms to help direct our readings in the text—for the test (subtle hint, no?) Again Easter Island ―Mystery‖ p. 3-5 2008 World population and # of persons added each year p. 5 Bali 2007 UN Climate Change Conference (lecture) What is ―sustainable development‖? p. 10 Meaning of Figure 1-10 and implications to developing nations p. 13 3 integrative themes: Ecosystem capital, policy/politics and globalization p. 16-19. J.G. Speth’s ―8 transitions‖ and his book p. 20 Resources and the Wealth of Nations Economic production is the process of converting the natural world into a manufactured world. Example: trees to paper to trash Natural capital = ecosystems, raw materials including air, water, and mineral resources = a major element in the wealth of nations
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2 The Wealth of Nations Produced assets: human-made things Natural capital: goods and services supplied by natural ecosystems (see Table 22-2 p. 583) Renewable Nonrenewable Subject to depletion The Wealth of Nations Human resources (p. 582) Human capital: physical, psychological, and cultural attributes of a population Social capital: the social and political environment people create for themselves in society Knowledge assets: the codified or written fund of knowledge that can be transferred to others Composition of World Wealth
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2b_politicsofenvironmentSpring2008 - The Politics of Global...

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