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Lab Practice 4

Lab Practice 4 - Then follow the instructions for Excel...

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_________________________________________________________________________________________________ BUSI 410 – Lab Practice #4 Due 10/8/2009 This lab practice is intended to provide you with some practice using Excel to do some preliminary analyses of data. BEFORE YOU START, CORRECT THE FOLLOWING TYPOS IN YOUR BOOK: On p. 19 it should read “select A2:A8” instead of “select A2:A7”. On p. 21 it should read “from 448 to 440” instead of “from 454 to 440”. Then download the following three Excel files from Blackboard: Excel2.1 Executive Compensation.xls, Excel2.4 SATs ’06.xls, and Histogram Bins -3 to +3.xls.
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Unformatted text preview: Then follow the instructions for Excel Exercises 2.1 through 2.4 (NOT 2.5!) on pp. 17 to 26 in your textbook. Plan to print out and hand in the following: a) The histogram of executive compensation levels you developed in Excel Exercise 2.1. Add, either by hand or printed from Excel the sample mean, sample standard deviation, median, and first and third quartiles. b) The final histogram you developed in Excel Exercise 2.2. c) The cumulative distribution you developed in Excel Exercise 2.3. d) The comparative PivotChart of the Math SAT data and the Normal distribution that you developed in Excel Exercise 2.4....
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