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Lab Practice 6 - BUSI 410 Lab Practice#6 Due This lab...

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_________________________________________________________________________________________________ BUSI 410 – Lab Practice #6 Due 10/29/2009 This lab practice is intended to provide you with practice using Excel to do regression analysis in order to identify business drivers and provide forecasts. Download the dataset (Hitflix Movie Rental Revenues.xls) required for this Lab practice from Blackboard. All of the questions below are answered on pages 92-103 of the book. The details of how to run these regressions and generate the reports are provided in pages 114-122. Use them as reference but it would be useful to attempt the problem without looking at the solution first. The owner of Hitflix movie rental kiosks is planning to add a new kiosk and needs to decide how large it will be. He is planning to add a kiosk of 100 square feet, but he thinks a larger kiosk might generate more revenue, since footage may drive revenues. 1) State the null and alternate Hypotheses for the owner.
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