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_________________________________________________________________________________________________ BUSI 410 – Lab Practice #7 Due 11/10/2009 This lab practice is intended to provide you with practice using Excel to do multiple regression analysis in order to identify business drivers, eliminate collinearity, and determine the extent of influence of the drivers. Download the dataset (Excel 8.1 Sakura Motors.xls) required for this Lab practice from Blackboard. Work through Excel exercises 8.1 and 8.2 on pp. 216-227 in your textbook. Hand in only the following (DO NOT hand in printouts of the data or the residuals!): 1. The regression output when all seven potential drivers – MPG, seconds, liters, horsepower, cylinders, pounds, and passengers – are included in the model. 2. The table of correlations between each pair of these seven potential drivers.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. The regression output when the four final drivers MPG, seconds, liters and pounds are included in the model. 4. The table showing how to calculate partial F to compare the model with two drivers MPG and seconds with the model containing four drivers MPG, seconds, liters, and pounds. (Like the figure at the top of p. 220, except without the MPG residual plot.) 5. The scatterplot of residuals vs. MPG from the final (four driver) model. 6. The histogram of residuals from the final (four driver) model. 7. The table showing the marginal impacts of the four drivers (like that shown in the top figure on p. 226). 8. The graph of marginal response for the MPG driver (like that shown on p. 227)....
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