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BUSI 410 Lab Session #5 Follow the “Lab Practice 3 Inference” instructions in your book on pp. 80-83, except do NOT do the Cingular problem. These instructions simply tell you where to get the data and a template for the “Dell PDA Plans” problem and clarify some confusing instructions in the book. Start by downloading (NOT simply opening) the following files from Blackboard: Lab Practice 3 Nationals.xls Lab 3 Dell PDA Template.xls You will find these files in the Lab Sessions section. Deletions: On p. 81, for the “Value of a Nationals Uniform” problem, do NOT create a column chart. On p. 81, for the “Confidence in Chinese Imports” problem, do NOT create a pie chart. Clarifications for the “Dell PDA Plans” problem, p. 82: When you construct the interval for the “% of PDA owners who are expected to replace with the new Dell PDA in the next quarter”, use an approximate, conservative 95% confidence interval.
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Unformatted text preview: In the “Construct a pie chart . . .” paragraph, look at the Excel 3.8 section on pp. 72-73 for an example of how to do this. Secondly, I found the largely italicized section: Dell market share in the third quarter of 2008 . . . The proportion who will replace their PDAs with the Dell PDA is approximately Normal . to be confusing. Please replace it with the following: An estimate of Dell market share in the third quarter of 2008 can be calculated by: Dell market share = intent % to replace with Dell x Expected actual replacement % = 20% x 80% = 16% In your simulation, use this 16% value as your expected (mean) market share, and assume that your uncertainty in market share is Normally distributed with a standard deviation equal to the conservative standard error for the share. (Remember that a share is a proportion!) Finally, use the Lab 3 Dell PDA Template.xls to build your simulation model, using a random number seed of 260....
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