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BUSI 410 Lab Session #7 Do the analysis for the Lab Practice 8: Drivers of Preemie Diaper Fit Importance problem on pp. 228-229 of your book. This sheet tells you where to get the data and gives you some minor changes in the book’s instructions. Start by downloading (NOT simply opening) the following file from Blackboard: Lab Practice 8 Diaper Fit Drivers.xls You will find this file in the Lab Sessions section. Changes to the book’s instructions: 1. Change the question, “Which coefficients . . . “wrong” sign?” about halfway down p. 228 to “Which pair of coefficients have inconsistent signs?” 2. Answer the question at the very bottom of p. 228 by doing a partial F test comparing your original model with four drivers – age, income, family size, and other kids – with the new one with only three drivers (that you were asked for at
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Unformatted text preview: the bottom of p. 228). 3. Change the statement on the first line at the top of p. 229, “Your evidence . . . RSquare ” to read, “The comparative values of RSquare provide an indication of whether a lot of explanatory power has been lost by dropping that variable from your model:” 4. About 1/4 down p. 229, delete the question “Which coefficients have the “wrong” sign?”, the following sentence in parentheses, and the associated table. 5. Change the instruction at the very bottom of p. 229, “Plot fit . . . attach your plot.” to read, “Create a plot (like the plot on p. 227) of the predicted fit importance vs. the demographic driver which has the biggest potential to change the predicted fit importance .”...
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