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Lab Session 8 - BUSI 410 Lab Session#8 Do the analysis for...

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BUSI 410 Lab Session #8 Do the analysis for the Chapter 9 Lab: HP Revenue Forecast problem on pp. 266-267 of your book. This sheet tells you where to get the data and changes some of the book’s instructions. Start by downloading (NOT simply opening) the following file from Blackboard: Lab 9 HP Forecast.xls You will find this file in the Lab Sessions section. Changes to the book’s instructions: 1. Skip the “ Make scatterplots to see GDP Leading HP Revenues ” section. 2. Changes to the “ Add lagged indicators ” section: a. Copy the labels for GDP, Dell revenues, and China per capita GDP from cells C1:E1 to H1:J1. b. In cell G2 type “Lag 4”, in cell G3 type “Lag 3” and in cell G4 type “Lag 2”. c. Shade the cells containing the HP revenues for 2004 and 2005 (cells B21 & B22) to remind yourself that these values will NOT be used until you recalibrate your model. d. In cell H3 use Excel’s CORREL function to calculate the correlation between HP revenues in years 1989 through 2003 with GDP lagged three years
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