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presentation analysis

presentation analysis - Boeing • How will bidding effect...

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John T. Lilly Analysis of Presentations 8/18/08 Krispy Kreme What effect will closing retail locations have on relationship with customers How will coffee be more profitable second time around o Why add cost with redesigned cups Will lack of doughnuts change Krispy Kreme image of “Hot&Now” Anheuser Busch What % of Bud Light drinkers also routinely drink vodka? How will Bud Light enter a market where Brand is so important? Will there be monopoly conflicts? Will the Vodka canabalize Bud Lights sales? How much will extra distribution costs increase because different retailers?
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Unformatted text preview: Boeing • How will bidding effect companies ability to get government supplements? • Equity investment by foreign companies might encourage the companies home country to supplement costs with tax breaks, how might this change? • How will you ensure minimum quality, not just lowest cost without making it seemed rigged? RIM • What alliances could be used to produce MID? • How much initial investment along with how long will it take to develop? • Where are competitors in their development? • What pricing will be required to make profitable?...
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