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Presentation-part 2 - Winning styles Kept instock Cash...

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Gap’s Value Chain Support Activities Firm infrastructure Human resources management Technology development Procurement Primary Activities Inbound Operations Outbound Marketing Service logistics logistics Corporate control of management Relatively well paid jobs for lower positions Advanced forecasting model used to predict key selling season Abillity to predict correctly “back to school” demand determines 3 rd Qtr profitability Direct link to suppliers In-House design specifics Gap brand- avoid paying Centralized purchasing Low supplier power for name rights Leased space, control costs with smaller stores Many locations, company run stores, Possibly oversaturated market Oversea production Requires ordering Product far in advance But is possible through Vertically integrated Supply chain Limit Sku’s Many Sizes And colors over Style.
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Unformatted text preview: Winning styles Kept instock Cash & carry Large budget for Online marketing. Marketing through Upscale magazines And recently through TV. Loyalty program For all brands. Training similar At all Gap stores To promote similar Experience at every Store. Vertical Integration Key for Gap Controlling the development of styles, patterns and materials allow Gap to produce High quality product Own Stores, special alliance with suppliers Procurement and distribution functions allow Gap to achieve high service levels Downside is strong relationship with supplier dragged Gap into public conflict regarding sweatshops Upside is using Gap brand reduces reliance on suppliers Produces a competitive advantage in ability to receive low cost product with Gap required quality...
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Presentation-part 2 - Winning styles Kept instock Cash...

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