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Haagen-Dazs Case

Haagen-Dazs Case - The Current Situation Currently Joggers...

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The Current Situation Currently Joggers Universe is facing increasing competition from almost all sides and is seeing a reduction within the submarket it was originally located. In reaction it has begun to diversify its products in an attempt to expand its appeal to other people outside of its market. It has just recently tried to refocus its product with the introduction of a very high end running shoe but has since run into supply problems due to the producer going out of business. 4 P’s Product- Athletic Shoes Price- Premium price as compared with most shoe retailers Promotion – Relies primarily on word of mouth and repeat business from old customers. Place- Currently they only have one retail outlet but are looking at the possibility of expanding to include a website. The Current Proposal Joggers Universe has three main options. The First is to stagnate and accept current small profits. The second is to try to compete head to head against retail stores.
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