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Lilly, John Lilybank Lodge Case Study PID: 711674363 The founders of Lilybank Lodge did very well to begin with by originally clearly defining their target audience. They wish to target the extremely wealthy and powerful of different countries. Within this group they have narrowed it even more to be specifically looking for individuals who want to escape into the wilderness whether that is to shoot a gun or shoot a camera. The main problem with creating such a narrow target audience is that they have aroused concerns about the foreign domination of this business. It is most likely that the majority of the customers will be foreigners because of the high price tag that accompanies a stay at the lodge. In addition the main purpose of the lodge is to serve as a hide a way. If the guest were an important New Zealander then locals might just follow him/her to the resort. Once the founders identified their target audience they next worked hard to identify the needs of such an audience. The main need is for the lodge to be luxurious to a very high level. The founders met this need by making the rooms twice the size of most hotel rooms.
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