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Price During one of the interviews I conducted on this project one of the managers pointed out a very key part to the benefits of operating a Gentlemen’s club. He explained that due to the highly stringent government regulations on such facilities that it essentially created a huge barrier to entry creating monopoly like conditions for the owner of a club. Our prices on dances would have two main groups. A dance on the ground floor would run between $12-$15 depending on what we found our specific market would tolerate and a private dance in the VIP area would range between $25 and $30. We would also have other prices for various occasions. These prices would be developed as the need arose. One such price might be something like a dance and a T-shirt combination ranging from $20-$25. In Exibit ____ we have broken the profit down based on a customer expenditure basis rather than on the revenue basis. The way we would operate the dancing part of our income is that the dancers are actually private contractors. They
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