Case 2 (post Tom)

Case 2 (post Tom) - We believe that HEB would be best...

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We believe that HEB would be best served by elevating the current “Glacia brand” in an attempt to position it as a competitor to Evian. To do this it will be important for Glacia not to just move its location on the shelf but also make several other key changes such as: Relabeling of water as “Glacia Canada” draws attention to the fact that it is from Canada even in the name Repackage so that bottle sizes are comparable to Evian. For instance, have .5L 1L and 1.5L bottles instead of the .5 L and gallon sizes seen now. Move package to same shelf area as Evian Re-price to about $4.49 so that price comparable to Evian but still a $1 cheaper than Evian When HEB reintroduces Glacia Canada it will need to make sure it is careful in how it does it. In repositioning the brand, it should need to make sure to: Temporarily remove from shelves (about 1 month) and replace with an HEB branded domestic spring water that is designed to be competitive with Ozark Reintroduce Glacia Canada first in the Central Market stores to display its quality before expanding into other markets Use Meal Deal promotions to get Glacia Canada in the hands of the consumer instead of having the free drink be HEB soda, replace with Glacia Canada for at least one. Create an obvious separation between domestic and imported waters; similarly, to how it is done with Wine sections (Create standout arm drawing attention to “Imported” waters. HEB will need to be sure to replace the space Glacia now takes with an HEB branded
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Case 2 (post Tom) - We believe that HEB would be best...

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