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Homework 3 (1,2)

Homework 3 (1,2) - arrive three times as often 2 I would...

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1. Wal-Mart uses a DC to support several large retail stores while reducing transportation costs. The distribution center reorganizes the products into a new mix so that a single truck can take many different products to a single store. This allows the supplier to only ship to the distribution center rather than delivering products to each individual store. The new mixed loads can be delivered more often because the distribution center can order a full order and deliver a 1/3 of a load to three different stores and have shipments
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Unformatted text preview: arrive three times as often. 2. I would expect aggregation of computers to be more successful because the more expensive shipping over a longer distance can be spread over a more expensive product. In addition, carrying cost on computers would be high because of how quickly the software and hardware become outdated. The central aggregation will allow them to hold a smaller safety stock than regional locations....
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