Ch. 3 (Differences in Culture)

Ch. 3 (Differences in Culture) - Material Culture...

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Differences in Culture Culture Society’s system of shared learned values and norms o Values – Abstract ideas about the good, the right, the desirable o Norms- Social rules and guidelines Language Names for Products Translation Gestures Closed doors Conversational Distance Gift giving Multi-lingualism Attitudes and Beliefs Time Achievment/Work Prestigiousness Aesthetics Color Number Music Folklore Shapes Religion Christianity – Protestant work ethic Islam –Islamic economic principles, Ramadan, gender interaction, 5 prayers Hinduism – antimaterialistic, socially stratified, no beef, polytheist, Caste Buddhism- anti-materialistic, social equality, rituals Confucianism – hierarchy, loyalty, honesty, trust, blessings
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Unformatted text preview: Material Culture Technology Societal Organizations Family groups Age Gender Class Mobility Education Level Hofstedes Criteria Power Distance Distance between individuals at different levels of a hierarchy the higher the number, the larger the power distance inequities grow into power and wealth Uncertainty avoidance Risk aversion, job security, retirement benefits Individualism vs. Collectionism relation between individuals Masculinity vs. Femininity division of roles and values in society, high number means high distinction Only looked at IBM Study is dated Nation=Culture...
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Ch. 3 (Differences in Culture) - Material Culture...

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