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ACIDIC - Three are considered alcohols and have OH groups...

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ACIDIC Two amino acids have acidic R-groups: aspartic acid and glutamic acid. Because the R-group carboxyl can lose a hydrogen ion to exist in the negatively charged form O=C-O-. Both exist in - charged form within the cell. These amino acids are also polar and hydrophilic and, therefore, would be found on the outer surface of a protein. POLAR Five amino acids are classified as POLAR Like the basic and acidic amino acids, the polar amino acids are hydrophilic and able to hydrogen bond with water.
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Unformatted text preview: Three are considered alcohols and have OH groups in their side chains: serine, threonine , and tyrosine . Two have polar amide groups [ O=C-NH2]: asparagine and glutamine. The amide bonds are very similar to those found in peptide bonds. In addition to the standard 20 amino acids, certain others are occasionally found in proteins. They are created by modifying one of the standard amino acids after it has been incorporated into the protein....
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