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Active Site - facilitates further reactions 1 or more...

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Active Site ACTIVE SITE - site on the enzyme where the substrate binds. Often the active site is an actual cleft or groove in the 3D structure of the enzyme (Fig. 2.25 in text). Linear array of amino acids which make up active site are dispersed throughout the primary structure. Secondary and tertiary folding allow the amino acids which make up the active site to come together. After the ES complex forms, the substrate is usually altered in some way that
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Unformatted text preview: facilitates further reactions. 1 or more transformations occur leading to product formation and dissociation of the product from the enzyme. Affinity- refers to the strength of the binding interaction at the active site. Specific amino acids in the active site (especially acidic and basic amino acids) may form temporary bonds with reaction intermediates. In addition, the active site may bind other small molecules that participate in the catalysis....
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