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But : concentration of activator not dependent on lambda but on host cell: concentration determined by amount of proteases present in the host cell which in turn depends on growth conditions : favorable growth conditions ---- high amount of proteases ---- high degree of activator degradation ---- low levels of cII ----- lytic cycle poor growth conditions ---- low amount of proteases ---- low degree of activator degradation ---- high levels of activator ----- lysogenic cycle Therefore, phage progeny only produced when cell has many resources.
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Unformatted text preview: When infecting resource-depleted bacterium, lambda can "hide" in cell Lysogenic Cycle: • 1. lambda integrase and lambda repressor cI synthesized due to activation of the transcription of their genes by cII . • 2. cI repressor turns off phage transcription • 3. integrase catalyzes integration of lambda DNA into bacterial chromosome via short sites of homology (site-specific recombination) ---- prophage...
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