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Elongation : very similar to prokaryotes eEF-1a same function as EF-Tu (escorting charged tRNA to A site in ribosome, carrying GTP that is hydrolyzed before release of eEF-1a, slow hydrolyzation serves proofreading) eEF-2 same function as EF-G (promotes translocation of ribosome, accompanied by GTP hydrolysis) eEF-1 beta gamma has the same function as EF-Ts (regenerates used eEF-1a via exchange of GDP for GTP)
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Unformatted text preview: Termination : very similar to prokaryotes only difference: single release factor (eRF) recognizes all three stop codons. Eukaryotic mRNA : never polycistronic . Initiation of translation can only occur after mRNA transported from nucleus to cytoplasm ( ribosomes only in cytoplasm ). Transport only of fully processed mRNA. But: polysomes also in eukaryotes....
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