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Facilitated Diffusion - All are integral membrane proteins...

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Facilitated Diffusion Like passive diffusion, involves the movement of molecules in a net direction determined by concentration gradient---but with the assistance of specialized proteins. Channel Proteins Proteins which form open pores allowing for free passage of any molecule of appropriate size and charge by free diffusion. Form a passage through the lipid bilayer, allowing polar or charged molecules to cross without interacting with the hydrophobic fatty acid chains of the phospholipids. ION CHANNELS-specific example of a channel protein. not permanently open [GATED] very wide variety of ion channels
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Unformatted text preview: All are integral membrane proteins that surround an aqueous pore. Bidirectional flow of ions based upon the electrochemical concentration gradient Most channel proteins are said to be gated meaning that they can exist in open or closed conformation. Carrier Proteins [Transporter Proteins] Selectively bind and transport specific small molecules such as glucose. The molecules bind and the protein undergoes a conformational change that allows specific molecules to pass through. facilitated diffusion of sugars, amino acids, and nucleosides....
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