FUNCTIONS - ( Fig. 1 ) Hormones, growth factors,...

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FUNCTIONS 1. Compartmentalization Membranes enclose compartments --- plasma membrane encloses entire cell---- nuclear and cytoplasmic membranes enclose various internal cellular spaces in which specialized activities take place. 2. Provides a selectively permeable membrane barrier Movement of molecules either into or out of cell is regulated . Only very small uncharged molecules can readily diffuse i.e. . O2 and CO2 ( Fig. 1 ). 3. Provides for the transportation of solutes The membrane contains the machinery for physically transporting substances from one side of the membrane to another --- even against a concentration gradient ( Fig. 1 ). 4. Ability to respond to external signals Receptors on surface have a particular ligand . When ligand binds to the receptor the signal must be transduced to the nucleus. Signal Transduction
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Unformatted text preview: ( Fig. 1 ) Hormones, growth factors, neurotransmitters can all serve as ligands. 5. Provides for intercellular and intracellular interactions cell-cell adhesion cell-ECM adhesion linkers add strength and shape to membrane and localize other proteins ( Fig. 1 ). 6. Serves as a site for biochemical activities Organizes cellular activities by the association of multi-enzyme complexes i.e. electron transport chains. 7. Provides for energy transduction Transduction refers to the conversion of one type of energy into a different form of energy. Ex: the energy of sunlight is absorbed by membrane-bound photosynthetic pigments and converted to chemical energy contained in carbohydrates. Conversely- the chemical energy in carbohydrates and fats can be converted to ATP....
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