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In Golgi : arrival of vesicles at cis Golgi network , sorting for recycling to ER or further transport to Golgi stack in Golgi stack : further protein processing o via addition of simple oligosaccharides to serines or threonines that lie in a specific sequence context ( O-linked glycosylation , because addition at -OH group of serine or threonine). o Some N-linked oligosaccharides are modified to carry mannose-6- phosphate at their ends ---- targets proteins to lysosome . Specific signal in protein provides information for necessary mannose-6- phosphate modification.
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Unformatted text preview: o Secreted and plasma membrane proteins extensively modified at their N-linked oligosaccharides when traveling from cisterna to cisterna (but depends on modifying enzymes present in Golgi stack and accessibility of oligosaccharide rather than on a specific signal sequence in the protein) • in trans Golgi network : final sorting! o If no specific signal : in vesicles with bulk flow to plasma membrane . o Specific sequence necessary for retention in Golgi. o Specific sugar signal (mannose-6-phosphate) for lysosome targeting....
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