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MICROBODIES Membrane-bound organelles that contain enzymes that regulate many different metabolic reactions. One type of microbody, the peroxisome , regulates the converstion of fats to carbohydrates. During the breakdown of fats, hydrogen peroxide is produced. Peroxisomes contain enzymes (including Catalase ) that split hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen, making it harmless. Proteins found in the peroxisome are synthesized in the cytoplasm of the cell and then transported to the peroxisome. Peroxisomes often contain a dense crystalline core consisting of one of the oxidative
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Unformatted text preview: enzymes. Peroximsomes in the liver and kidney cells may be important in detoxifying certain compounds such as ethanol in alchoholic beverages. Peroxisomes occur in both plant and animal cells. Glyoxysome Abundant in the seeds of certain plants. Its enzymes convert stored fats to sugars. These sugars are used as an energy source and as a component for making needed compounds during the germination of seeds. Contains catalase and the enzymes for fatty acid oxidation as do peroxisomes....
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