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MITOCHONDRIA Typical mitochondrion is sausage-shaped and similar in size to a bacterium. Sometimes they can assume a more spherical shape and sometimes even a long thread-like and even branching shape. In other words, the structure of the mitochondrion is dynamic, changing. ( Drawing ) ( Electron Micrograph ) The mitochondria play a central role in making chemical energy available to the cell. [ATP SYNTHESIS] Cells which require and expend a lot of energy typically have a lot of mitochondria (Muscle cells). The internal structure of the mitochondrion can be diagrammed schematically. See diagrams in text. Each mitochondrion contains an outer membrane and a complex inner membrane system. The outer membrane completely encloses the mitochondrion, serving as its outer boundary. The inner membrane lies beneath the outer membrane but has deep folds or invaginations called cristae . In some cells the cristae are wide sheets that cut across the entire diameter of the mitochondrion. In most plant cells, the
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