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MONOSACCHARIDES - long it can form circular structures Fig...

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MONOSACCHARIDES Individual sugar molecules are called monosaccarides and they come in chains ranging from 3 to 7 carbons long. (Fig. 1) Each sugar has one double bonded oxygen either on the terminal carbon (aldehyde) or an interior carbon (ketone). (Fig. 1) Molecules that have the same composition and basic structure but differ in the orientation of groups about chiral centers are called isomers. (Fig. 1) Monosaccharides can exist as a linear form, or if more than 5 carbons
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Unformatted text preview: long it can form circular structures.( Fig. 2) ( Fig. 3 ) When circularicing, the oxygen from the aldehyde or ketone can assume either an α or β orientation. ( Fig. 2) ( Fig. 3 ) Monosaccharides serve as the principle source of cellular energy 3D-interactive monosaccharide models . (Note: to view interactively on your Web browser, the free Chemscape Chime plug-in viewer must be installed in your browser's plug-in folder.)...
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